Time to refresh and refocus

If you’re a regular follower, you might have noticed the website has received a makeover thanks to the Alive With Ideas team. It also gave me time to prioritise my offerings for those new or returning to internal comms that I’m ready to share.

So why a refresh, you might ask? I first set up the website for sharing blog posts, and since then, I realised I could do more to support the internal comms profession. As the site grew, I was constantly tweaking things and never quite happy with how it looked.

After a conversation one day with Alan Oram, Creative Director at Alive With Ideas I knew it was time to give the site some professional attention and let the experts work their magic. I hope you agree that the team have done a fantastic job. Horizon Comms now has a great new look and easy to navigate the site from design to go live.

The Horizon pathway

As the site refresh was underway, I took the opportunity to review everything, from blogs to workshops and social media, to understand how they work together to support you. The result is a clear pathway that any internal comms practitioner can join and complete, and I’m pleased to share it with you.

  1. Join a discovery session to find out about the internal comms profession, chat with current practitioners, ask questions and hear from guest speakers who will share their insights and advice.
  2. Be part of the Horizon Guild group, where you can chat with other comms professionals, take part in the various discussions, share and learn from the experiences of others in the group.
  3. Drop into a welcome morning workshop, an introduction to content planning, channel management and measurement and come away with the start of a continuing professional development (CPD) plan.
  4. Plan what’s important to you in a CPD focus session where you’ll have the support to create a continuing professional development (CPD) plan, reflecting on your learnings throughout the Horizon pathway.
  5. Received continued support with your CPD plan through mentoring, either through the CIPR Career starter mentoring scheme or the IOIC mentoring programme. *

You can join at any stage of the pathway, depending on where you are in your career journey. Any of the opportunities you can complete as standalone activities. You’ll receive a certificate of attendance that you can keep for your CPD portfolio and members of the CIPR and IOIC can log via their respective systems.

Check out the latest dates.

Giving something back

Knowing the pressures that communicators face, wellbeing is a theme that runs through all the sessions, helping you feel less worried and more in control of your professional development. It’s also why I’ve committed to supporting the #CUinthefield Scholarship fund, allowing comms professionals to experience Comms Unplugged who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

*If you aren’t a member, both the CIPR and IOIC offer excellent student rates, £30 (+VAT) for the IOIC and £35 (+VAT) for the CIPR. I appreciate membership costs can be expensive, so please do get in touch if you aren’t a member.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.