The Horizon story

You're at the start of your career in internal communications and speaking from experience, it can be exciting but also a little daunting. Where do you turn for help and advice?

That's exactly the position I found myself in eight years ago when I first set out on a new career direction. So, I decided to do something about it and launch a website aimed at people taking their first steps in internal communications. The idea was to share helpful content, resources and signposts to other sources of information to help you find your feet and build your knowledge.

Since then, the Horizon Comms has developed to offer you workshops, continuing professional development focus and a growing online community. You'll find useful content ranging from event and training reviews through to case studies and real examples of internal communications in action. The workshops offer practical advice and ongoing support options that will help you tackle the many challenges that we face every day as communicators.

Horizon Pathway

To support your internal communications journey, the Horizon Pathway has been designed to give you guidance and focus on your continued professional development (CPD). You can join at any stage of the pathway, depending on where you are in your career journey. Any of the opportunities you can complete as standalone activities.

  1. Join a discovery session to find out about the internal comms profession, chat with current practitioners, ask questions and hear from guest speakers who will share their insights and advice.
  2. Be part of the Horizon Guild group, where you can chat with other comms professionals, take part in the various discussions, share and learn from the experiences of others in the group.
  3. Drop into a welcome morning workshop, an introduction to content planning, channel management and measurement and come away with the start of a continuing professional development (CPD) plan.
  4. Plan what's important to you in a CPD focus session where you'll have the support to create a continuing professional development (CPD) plan, reflecting on your learnings throughout the Horizon pathway.
  5. Received continued support with your CPD plan from me through mentoring, either through the CIPR Career starter mentoring scheme or the IOIC mentoring programme. If you aren't a member drop me a message as I can still help.

You'll receive a certificate of attendance that you can keep for your CPD portfolio and members of the CIPR and IOIC can log via their respective systems.

You can read my full story here into the internal comms profession and if you are looking for help and guidance on a particular topic, don't hesitate to get in touch. I can promise that you're not alone.

Speak to you soon,