Time to reset, recover and revive

Advita Patel, founder of Comms Rebel has recently published ‘The Reset, Recover and Revive Workbook’, designed to provide tips, advice and activities to support your communication activities beyond post-isolation.

Using three pillars: reset, recover and revive the workbook provides a clear framework that takes you through step by step in creating a robust communications plan to help you. Advita made it straightforward for you to work through the process and questions that not only you need to ask yourself as a communicator but those you should ask your leadership team and stakeholders.

There has been a good deal of care and thought given to the workbook to make it a practical resource, and as you work through each of the pillars, you’ll easily identify how they apply to your own organisation and role. You’ll find lots of opportunities to reflect on the progress of your own organisation, receive guidance on hone in your thoughts alongside lots of useful tips to help.

A bonus is that you can use many of the templates in the workbook individually for other projects, so you can pull out specific templates as you need them. Examples include stakeholder mapping, creating a plan on a page and a tactical action plan that you’ll find useful in multiple situations beyond your current comms planning.

Without giving too much away if you’ve found yourself in a position looking for support and guidance on the following then the £12.99 you’ll find to be excellent value for the 27 page workbook.

  • Courageous conversations
  • Building a guiding team
  • The power of storytelling
  • How to develop an effective strategy
  • Which pulse questions to consider
  • Why line manager comms is important
  • The importance of clearing obstacles
  • Why empathy matters

Don’t forget, this isn’t a single use resource. You’ll be able to use it for a range of situations such as change projects, new initiatives or helping to align your internal communications alongside the strategic aims of the business. Whether you’re a single comms practitioner, part of a large team and no matter what your budget, any comms practitioner will find this an easy resource to use.

Many thanks to Advita for sharing her ‘The Reset, Recover and Revive Workbook’ and if you haven’t already done so, sign-up here for the fortnightly Comms Rebel newsletter that’s full of useful information and insights.

Featured photo by Ariel Pilotto on Unsplash