My first year with the CIPR Inside

Just over a year ago I nervously approached the CIPR Inside committee to explore the possibility of joining, although perhaps like you might feel now I wasn’t sure I had the experience under my belt to add much value.

Yet here I am, on the way back from the 2019 annual general meeting (AGM) sharing my experiences of being part of not just a professional group but a bigger family of communicators.

Opening the CIPR Inside AGM this year Chair Advita Patel hit the nail on the head in terms of what the committee set out to achieve in 2019 and exceeded in making an IMPACT! Keep in mind as you read the below that an incredible group of volunteers achieved all of this.

Inspiring others to help in #ChangingTheConvo and share the amazing work that takes place through the Inside Story Awards.

Measure the value of internal communications using the insights gained in partnership with the IOIC through our measurement report.

Professional development in sharing blogs and articles, encouraging internal communication practitioners to get Chartered, supporting professional qualifications and running the #ICBookClub.

Advising on how we all have a part to play in #ChangingTheConvo through our conference social media channels and increasing our regional networks

Changing behaviours by sharing knowledge at workshops, providing case studies, helping newer members to the profession to step up and planning our own podcast to keep up with industry changes.

Trusting in our profession with the development of the internal communications ethics guide and webinar to further support IC professionals.

My introduction to podcasting with fellow committee member Debbie Aurelius.

As an IC newbie, your inputs into our profession are just as important as someone with years of experience. You’ll be part of the future of IC so don’t doubt yourself, your thoughts and opinions are valuable and can help shape our profession.

Thinking back to the first email I sent to Advita, asking about whether someone with limited experience within the profession could help and I honestly don’t know what I worried about. I think it’s fair to say an element of imposter syndrome kicked in and yes it’s taken a bit of time to get over that and I’m sure it will return but don’t let it hold you back.

If someone asked me four years ago whether I would sit on a national group for internal communications I would have laughed but now I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. Not only have I met some incredible people, but most my professional development over the past 12 months has been through the opportunities I’ve had the privilege to attend or support.

Both the CIPR Inside and IOIC FutureNet groups offer any IC newbie the chance to step outside of the workplace and help share our amazing profession. Check out their websites and social media channels and next time you think ‘they won’t be looking for someone like me’ park it to one side and get in touch as I can guarantee they would love to hear from you.

Credit to Thomas Jackson, TyneSight Photography Services for the #ChangingTheConvo event photos shown within this post and available here.