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Join the ‘Feel Good Work Well’ wellbeing programme

The importance of wellbeing can’t be underestimated, especially for communicators. There have been times when I’ve allowed work to impact my well-being throughout my career. Sometimes, it was small such as skipping lunch, but it was more, such as restless nights and anxiety.

I didn’t know what I needed to help focus on my wellbeing. From buying magazines and books, it felt like I was adding more pressure on myself by figuring out what I needed to do. Eventually, I signed up for the Fresh Air Fridays ‘Pathways to happiness’ programme, or the ‘Feel Good Work Well’ programme as it’s now known, which became a game-changer for me. So much so, I’m now a facilitator to help others, especially communicators, focus on their wellbeing as I know many of us are guilty of worrying about our colleagues that we perhaps overlook what we need.

Why am I sharing this with you?

To put it simply, giving myself one hour a week to complete the programme was an investment I believe will stay with me for life. The breathing exercises and accompanying podcast episodes through to the act of ‘Listening without Commentary’ have given me a range of tools I use throughout my working week and not just for those difficult moments.

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‘Feel Good Work Well’ isn’t about fixing anything. It’s about giving you the space to explore what you need and allows you to find more joy, make more time for yourself and overall, be the person you want to be.

So what is the ‘Feel Good Work Well’ programme?

Over 12 weeks, you’ll join a small group (no more than 12 people) for an hour a week, exploring 12 themes that two Fresh Air Friday facilitators will guide you through. To help, each week, you’ll receive access to the Fresh Air Friday audio programme, allowing you to step out into nature and explore what each theme means to you. This you’ll have lifetime access to, in addition to your journal, helping you to reflect on your journey or note any observations you have.

Make this year about filling yourself up first.

So, whether you are looking for happy, thriving relationships, to add more joy in your life, achieve more success with less hard work, join a growing community of like-minded people, to have more fun, make more time for what’s important, feel calm and relaxed, be more productive at home and work, have more clarity in your life or perhaps feel more secure, feel free to drop me a message or find out more information here.