Introducing Horizon Comms

Like many of us, I stumbled across internal comms whilst working within a customer service role and I didn’t really know what it involved.

Seven years later and I’m already reflecting on my journey to date and what information and support were missing during those early years and the result, I launched Horizon Comms.

Early in my first IC role, I remember sitting at work, wondering if everything I was doing was right. Would staff enjoy the next staff magazine, was the intranet structured correctly, or did the last CEO message carry the right tone?

I was the first internal comms practitioner within the business so no processes were in place, projects never had a comms plan and the intranet was a dumping ground for documents. It often felt embarrassing asking my boss for direction, so I took to reading blogs and articles for advice and practical examples, although many focused on supporting the seasoned professional, rather than the newbie comms practitioner.

I hope this website will become a place where you can frequently visit for practical advice, case studies, useful links, resources, and other blogs that will provide help and guidance. It’s often hard keeping track of the various online resources that exist and I hope this site will bring together many of these useful resources, giving you a one-stop-shop to visit whenever you need some advice or inspiration.

If you have any suggestions for future content, case studies, or perhaps a useful link I haven’t featured please get in touch.

Image by Jean Louis Tosque from Pixabay