‘Exploring Internal Communication’ by Dr Kevin Ruck review

It’s 2014, I’m attending my first PR Academy session as the part of the internal comms diploma and I receive a crisp copy of ‘Exploring Internal Communication‘ by Dr Kevin Ruck and it’s become my go to book whenever I need advice or guidance.

It delighted me when the fourth edition arrived in the post in July 2020, full of theoretical knowledge and research, practical models and advice from several experts. This edition explores internal communication leadership, excellent practice, strategic planning processes, content and channel management and the digital workplace.

One reason I value this publication is the variety of contributors who share their expertise in areas that perhaps as someone #newtoIC might not have considered. Paul Harrison explores the popular subject of change communication, Ann Pilkington shares her knowledge of project management and this edition has a new chapter by Rachel Royall and Dr Kevin Ruck, introducing automation and artificial intelligence.

The language used throughout the textbook has remained friendly to any communications practitioner to understand. Even though there is a lot of theoretical knowledge that underpins each chapter, each contributor has ensured they put the information into a context that allows you to apply the knowledge to your own work. There is also a delicate balance of theory and practical experience that I found made it easier to relate to each of the chapters.

For those of you like me, who have scribbled all their earlier editions and filled the pages with post-it notes, you’ll find it has kept the familiar layout; clear subheadings, easy-to-read tables, case studies and the all importance research and theoretical knowledge. A popular feature that’s remained in this edition are the reflections, standouts in each chapter that encourage you to pause and think about your own situation.

I know many #internalcomms practitioners have this textbook on their bookshelves, and if you haven’t already got a copy, you can find a preview here and how to purchase your own copy.