Photo of the sky with the words 'We all need space and time to reflect'.

Discover how to start looking after you

This week I concluded my first twelve-week virtual Feel Good, Work Well programme with a wonderful group of participants.

Each week through Fresh Air Fridays we explored a different theme, giving the opportunity to refocus and recharge, putting wellbeing at the forefront of our lives.

So what is Feel Good, Work Well?

The twelve-week programme gives you the space and support to step away from your busy life and create time to discover, or rediscover, the things that matter to you. Throughout the programme, you’ll learn tools and techniques that can be used every day to support your wellbeing. 

At the end of the programme, you’ll gain a toolkit for life. You’ll grow and build each week your resilience to deal more effectively with the challenges that you might face such as your careers, relationships, health and self-development. I previously blogged about the benefits I discovered from taking part in the Feel Good, Well Well programme.

What’s involved?

Each week, you’ll join a small online group for an hour, reflecting on each of the twelve Fresh Air Fridays themes. In between each session, you’ll have access to an audio programme, giving you the opportunity in the week to explore each theme ahead of the sessions. As you listen to each audio session, you’ll be encouraged to head outside, as a core foundation of Fresh Air Fridays is recognising the benefits of being in nature.

Take the first step?

If you aren’t sure yet, try it out for yourself:

  • Breathing Space – 30 minute, guided sessions that run most weekdays giving you some space to refocus and recharge. No need to book and nothing to pay. Just turn up and join via Zoom.
  • Community sessions – Three hour, in-person monthly sessions are an opportunity to step outside as part of a small group, exploring one of the 12 Fresh Air Fridays themes. Your first session is free.
  • Facebook Group – Anyone with an interest in looking after themselves is welcome to join the closed Facebook Group. With regular live streams from the Fresh Air Fridays facilitators and guides to follow, there is something for everyone.

Here’s a recording from a Breathing Space session to give you a little insight.