Compass workshop – setting your boundaries

We are all on a journey, whether it’s trying to get a project finished, studying for a qualification or juggling life. How many of us stop to think about what boundaries we have in place to prevent ourselves from burning out? It’s something I’ve never considered, yet having boundaries and identifying them made so much sense.

On a Saturday morning, relaxing at home with a brew I joined the latest online Compass workshop, led by Jo Hooper, founder of mad and sad club to explore what we mean by boundaries and importantly, what can change to help stay focused on what matters for our work.

For those of you wondering what we mean by boundaries, it’s like setting rules for yourself, some guidelines that help you plan and understand your priorities. Yes, it might sound like common sense, yet how many of us stop to understand what is really impeding our productivity and then go about making changes to remove blockers?

Compass sessions by Jo Hooper

Throughout the session and with the help of an accompanying journal, Jo put into context what triggers negative feelings in work and to think about where you want to be to enjoy work. This led into an in-depth discussion with fellow attendees on what boundaries we need to have, why they might be a challenge and what we can do to prevent us from crossing over.

By the end of the session, we each had an action plan on how to put into place three boundaries that will help to keep us on track and also some practical tips on what we needed to do to make our boundaries stay in place.

We all shared similar stories and having the ability to share our stories, advice and to know you aren’t on your own was a great comfort. It soon became clear that I’ve been so caught up trying to fit in lots of little jobs every day including reading blogs and reports to drafting articles and checking social media multiple times a day I’m not being productive or making an impact. So, I need to set myself a boundary of limiting my time online and also putting dedicated time aside to work on Horizon Comms, rather than trying to do lots of little things each day.

So as an #icnewbie what might you get from Compass? I think anyone, regardless of where they are at in their career, would find this two hour session of excellent value. Forcing yourself to pause and review what’s impeding where you are putting into place defined boundaries is a massive help. You might come away like me and think to yourself ‘I knew this so why haven’t I done anything about it before’ but don’t beat yourself up over it. We are all busy people and Compass is a way to take the time to reset and get yourself back on track.

Featured image by dima_goroziya from Pixabay